Aavin POS software / hardware with inventory management

Keeping track of sales, payments and inventory management is crucial in any given business. This is what a Point Of Sales (POS) machine is for. It is basically a terminal that sits beside the cash register that has an informative screen, and the ability to handle every payment type (cash, card, digital).
  • Solution

    Detailed research is done on customer requirements and product wise tax policies. The data is then used to develop an android app that runs on a POS machine.

  • Places

    We have provided this service to aavin outlets. With this service outlets all across the state can better manage their sales. It also enables them to manage their inventory, with updated outlet stock data and allows them to order supplies from the factory automatically. Since this software is common to many retail businesses, it is a great investment for especially small businesses.

  • Need

    It is a better alternative for manual / basic cash registers, as a POS machine can be programmed to add appropriate taxes to the selling prices, manage different kinds of payments. This feature is beneficial to small businesses, since customers prefer card or digital payments types.

  • Impact

    Studies show that about 70% of total payments in India will be digital payments by 2025. This trend in increasing digital payments requires a modern solution for small businesses. A POS machine is an ideal solution that manages payments, inventory and customer satisfaction.