Anomaly E-tagging

Unnoticed oddity in machine operation/ production line may put the entire operation at risk. E-tagging is a smart solution to this problem which detects anomalies in the normal operations and sends notifications to engineers/ technicians who are close to the site.
  • Solution

    E-Tags are created using smartphone apps by recording abnormal operation processes with photos. Any anomaly detected will be sent to respective incharges for review and action. The app keeps logs on first detection of anomaly, engineer who inspected it, and type of repair made. This data is also collected and analysed to predict patterns of anomaly occurrence. These logs can be visualized in the form of a dashboard and can be reviewed at a later date.

  • Places

    Detection of anomaly through e-tagging can be implemented in all major industries, pipelines, power plants etc which require continuous monitoring.

  • Need

    During routine maintenance, which is generally done physically, smaller abnormalities could be overlooked. And if left unattended for a longer period of time, may lead to accidents or loss in production. E-Tagging technology automatically detects potential or existing anomalies, including subtle variations from the normal operation. This technology is sure to facilitate ease of maintenance.

  • Impact

    Using this service benefits the operation by reducing the cost of maintenance by 5% and increasing the Overall Equipment Efficiency(OEE) value by 3%.