Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard is a data visualisation tool that displays status of key performance indicators, other important business metrics and data points. They typically contain multiple data sets that are visualised to give business users a combined view of relevant KPIs and trends for both operational decision making and strategic planning.
  • Solution

    BI dashboards collect data for analysis, help visualise and compare them through data charts in a customizable interface. BI dashboards tools also provide widgets and icons that can be added to the dashboard to automate functions and improve usability and visual appeal.

  • Places

    BI dashboards find their application in managing key indicators in businesses. It helps organize and compare key data to make strategic planning and marketing decisions.

  • Need

    BI dashboards are increasingly seen as critical tools to help enterprises derive valuable business insights. A well designed BI dashboard helps in critical decision making and strategic planning for trend analysis and ease in service deployment. Dashboards are an integral component of the BI software and are widely used to deliver analytics information to business executives.

  • Impact

    BI dashboard is one platform where one can visualize sales and marketing stats, customer trends and financial data. This enhances business productivity and helps maintain high ROI.