Citizen App

City corporations are doing a lot to keep their cities clean and meet the needs of their citizens. Nevertheless, some complaints at times do not get addressed in a timely manner. This leads to frustration among the citizens, as their requests are delayed. The citizen app can be used to raise issues - eliminating paperwork and to be able to track the complaint.
  • Solution

    The app works on an android platform. Users can file a complaint about corporation services in the app which will be reviewed by the control centre . The control centre then sends a response team to the spot as quickly as possible.

  • Places

    This app is an ideal solution in big cities.

  • Need

    Citizen app eliminates most of the paperworks involved in filing a complaint with city corporations. It allows expedited response to the complaints, and keeps the citizens informed of the status of the complaint and eases a citizens stress.

  • Impact

    Quick solutions of citizens' complaints, improves the quality of life and raises the happiness index in the city.