Logbooks contain important data on operations, including details on project and task personnel, time and mode. E-Logbook is a digital version of a conventional logbook.
  • Solution

    E-Logbook is an app where managers can assign tasks with customized instructions to technicians and track the progress of the task.

  • Places

    This service is useful in management of work schedules, work allocation, maintenance record keeping in any industry.

  • Need

    The app sends logs on incidents and the action / resolution to a centralized database, which can at a later date be retrieved and reviewed. This app also eases the processes of work / job allocation across shifts by automatically forwarding tasks to the succeeding technician after the end of each shift.

  • Impact

    Improving the job assigning process leads to better coordination among shop floor workers at different levels. This in turn improves operational efficiency and optimizes time taken for maintenance.