EduVR enhances the learning process by adding interactive and engaging content that enables experimentation, practice, and learning. Immersive and innovative digital tools such as 3D learning environments and virtual reality facilitate experiential learning that allows students to grasp theoretical concepts faster and in greater depth.
  • Solution

    Architecture creates an infinite set of virtually simulated environments that students can experience and explore with the help of VR Headsets and Gadgets. VR headset integrated with user friendly features like gesture and motion controls, simple-to-use controls for teachers and embedded educational resources.

  • Places

    Virtual reality in education will create curiosity and nudge both institutions and students to evolve ways of entering the less boring stuff of the traditional education system. Edu VR can be used in various education institutions like universities, colleges and schools, and in museums for virtual experiences and tours, which can be an alternative source of learning.

  • Need

    It appeals greatly to a curiosity that lies within the young learners, and allows learners to work at their own pace and level of expertise, because of the possibility of numerous cases of connecting them with key concepts.

  • Impact

    Enhancing the students learning and engagement through virtual reality. Ensuring students to envision innovative ideas. Increasing the level of understanding through virtual rather than black board learning