GPS Based Planned Unloading Management

Handling the entire production process, from raw material procurement to end product, which is an integral part of supply chain management, GPS enabled management improves visibility, timeliness and increases certainty of successful supply delivery.
  • Solution

    Vehicles handling material are tracked and monitored with GPS, from the between various processing plants, through a dashboard.

  • Places

    GPS enabled planned unloading management is vital in industries that require supplies frequently and are time sensitive. Example dairy industries, meat processing plants etcs.

  • Need

    Accurate data on the location of the vehicle, improves the loading and unloading process. Warehouses and storage facilities can also be better prepared for the delivery and traffic management in the loading/unloading docks can be managed more efficiently.

  • Impact

    The main impact of this service in supply chain management, is an increase in efficiency by reducing delays in bay areas by 40%. This in turn reduces the overall turnaround time by 20%.