Inventory Management

Inventory management is an essential process in running a business. Businesses with multiple outlets need to manage their inventory centrally and at individual locations. This smart tool allows both the specific location to raise an order and also the central location to dispatch/push directly to specific locations, based on inventory levels and projections.
  • Solution

    An aggregated requirement from all locations is compiled in the central server, along with real time stock availability of required products at each of the locations is retrieved by a backend algorithm. With this data and preset conditions, the algorithm has the capability to dispatch supplies to each location.

  • Places

    This technology can be implemented in businesses with multiple locations. The system keeps logs on supply to daily dispatch schedules.

  • Need

    Efficient management of the entire inventory and location wise view. Promotes efficient supply chain management. Data on inventory levels at locations, help in determining the demand for a particular product in a location. Having access to real time inventory levels can assist in raw material procurement, storage management, marketing initiatives etc.

  • Impact

    This service increases stock accuracy rate to almost 100%. It also eases the process of locating the stock, by reducing the time required by 10%.