Operation Assistant

When there is an equipment failure or machine breakdown in an industry, certain protocols are followed to troubleshoot the problem. This is done with the help of SOPs in the operation manuals. The use of the manual requires experience, memory recall and is time consuming. Operation assistant app, provides solution to these problem, by displaying the write content in the operation manual aided by augmented reality.
  • Solution

    The machines are tagged with QR code, which can be scanned with the help of a tablet-like device. The app gives step by step instructions, assisted by augmented reality and videos, on the operation process. This app can also be deployed in a wearable gadget for operator convenience.

  • Places

    The oeprations assistant is helpful in industries which are machine intensive, that require timely maintenance. It serves as a virtual operation manual that can be accessed through an app at any location at the site.

  • Need

    A digital operation manual that aids the technicians through augmented reality and video guides, helps improve maintenance efficacy. The app also keeps logs on machine failure and creates an automatic order for failed checkpoints.

  • Impact

    This app enables ease of maintenance in the operation site allowing 15% reduction in training time, 5% reduction in downtime / restoration time.