Project Management and Tracker

Interdepartmental projects are always complicated. Communication of project progress across departments is labouris and leads to delays in completion. Project tracker is a web application where one can monitor the progress of their projects in a single dashboard.
  • Solution

    Work allocation for all the resources involved in the project is assigned in the web application. The progress throughout the duration of the project can be tracked and feedback on progress can also be shared through the web application.

  • Places

    The PMT application is essentially helpful in inter departmental projects, where there are larger teams to track and manage, this can also be used as an internal project tracker.

  • Need

    Regular monitoring of projects through an application which has built in checkpoints and dashboard views, increases efficiency and overall productivity.

  • Impact

    Improves communication between different departments/personnel involved in the project and provides clarity in the work assigned. Reduced project timeline.