Real Estate VR

Virtual reality in real estate enables potential buyers to walk through the property virtually, allowing them to take a closer look at the interior and exterior design and architecture, well before the start of a project.
  • Solution

    Virtual Walkthrough in real estate opens up the expanse between imagination and execution. Through a VR headset, real estate companies can showcase their range of properties to easily depict a clearcut visualization to the clients.

  • Places

    Typically clients go through multiple properties, before deciding on one. Adoption of Real Estate VR walkthrough has opportunities in every vertical of architecture and construction, allowing clients to offer more than the competition.

  • Need

    It is a one stop solution for all types of real estate virtual tours, leading to improved efficiency, and is time saving for both buyers and builders. Real Estate VR is cost-effective for real estate companies and developers for marketing and branding their projects.

  • Impact

    Build and emotional connection to the buyers with the property. An immersive experience of the property will create potential buyers for the real estate companies.