Remote Technician Assistance

Expert assistance is required at industries to troubleshoot problems in case of machine failure. Remote technician assistance is a technology that provides assistance by virtually connecting an expert through a mobile app. This enables an on-site engineer to get instructions directly from the experts remotely and resolve the problem in the quickest possible way.
  • Solution

    Remote assistance technology resolves issues quickly using 3D environment understanding, cognitive motion tracking and deep driven object character recognition. It connects the onsite engineer to an expert through a mobile app, where the expert can guide the engineer to troubleshoot the problem through a video call, supported by augmented reality. With the help of AR, engineers could receive precise instructions from the experts and resolve the problem themselves, rather than requiring the expert to be present physically onsite.

  • Places

    Remote tech assistance can be implemented in small to large industries with high end / high value machinery that requires expert technicians to manage and maintain.

  • Need

    Machine failure in industries can bring the entire production process to halt until the problem is resolved. A quick and efficient resolution would be required, to avoid potential losses. When the situation calls for an expert solution, remote technician assistance is an ideal solution, since it connects the onsite engineer to an expert in real time and avoids potential delay.

  • Impact

    Remote technician assistance enables instant expert support, thereby reducing maintenance time and increasing production efficiency. The service also leads to reduced operations cost and time delays.