Retail Analytics

Online shopping is the future of retail as it becomes increasingly user friendly, offering a wide range of choices to the consumers, self paced and round the clock shopping etc Many new businesses are entering the e-commerce sector, increasing competition, in turn giving the consumers multiple options to choose from. Retail analytics helps businesses by providing analytical data on real time inventory levels, supply chain movement, consumer demand and provides statistical data to make marketing decisions.
  • Solution

    Retail analytics collects data and analyses consumer behavior, demand for the product, market trends and provides intelligent suggestions to improve customer experience, sales, inventory management and profitability.

  • Places

    In order for any business to sustain. it needs to keep an eye on market trends, target consumer behavior and consumer demand. Retail analytics predicts the trends, provides sales forecasting, and helps make critical decisions in marketing.

  • Need

    To name a few advantages of using analytical tools in the business- price optimization as per consumer trends, data driven decisions making based on trends, increase ROI, enhance consumer experience, thereby increasing customer loyalty.

  • Impact

    This tool helps business expansion by determining optimal locations to open new points of sale, aid in making strategic decisions and find innovative ways to engage with customers by analysing current trends.