RFID based Spare Parts Tracking and Ordering

Inventory management and stock reordering is one of the most critical operations in an industry. This technology is a smart solution with key features that automates the spare parts movement internally, as well as externally, and ensures adequate stock in hand.
  • Solution

    Critical equipment/parts are tagged with RFID and monitored and tracked across the site. Alerts are generated when the part leaves the site. The system automatically reorders when the stock goes below the preset threshold.

  • Places

    This automation can be used in many facets of the supply chain.

  • Need

    It meticulously manages the supply by tracking essential parts across the site. Since alerts are generated when a part leaves the site, theft of expensive parts can be prevented. Stock levels can be visualized in real time, in turn bringing ease in inventory management of spare parts.

  • Impact

    Tracking spare parts in real time increases the stock accuracy rate close to 100%. This leads to improved stock management, allowing an increase in operation time by 3-5%.