Sentimental Analytics

Personal media is influencing the world in various aspects. Typically service providers, elections, product promotions, revolve around the public sentiment in social media. Sentimental analysis examines the subjective information in an expression i.e. opinions, emotions and general attitude towards a subject.
  • Solution

    Sentimental analysis is contextual mining of text which identifies subjective information in the source content. It is a natural processing technique, used to determine whether data is positive, negative or neutral.

  • Places

    Sentimental analysis is done on textual data from customer feedback forms, twitter tweets, other personal media posts to help businesses monitor brand and product sentiment.

  • Need

    This enables service providers, organizations to understand public sentiment on their product, price, brand image and opens possible opportunities to further their brand acting parallely towards public opinion. This helps businesses and organizations in planning critical marketing strategies.

  • Impact

    Analysing public opinions reduces the uncertainty in consumer decision making. Understanding the intent of feedback vis a vis a vis complaint, opinion, suggestions will help the marketing team to plan strategically to improve sales and promote brand image. This also paves new ways to approach customers and enhance customer satisfaction.