Smart ID design

ID cards have become an essential part of the workplace environment, particularly in terms of safety and security. There have been numerous technological advancements in the form of visual ID card security that make protecting businesses and organisations from unwanted intruders easier and more efficient. Modern staff identity cards can be developed using intelligent technology to provide a more robust and versatile security solution to protect an organization's sensitive data and ensure the safety of its members
  • Solution

    Smart cards are fabricated using advanced technologies such as Guilloche printing which involves printing an ornate pattern consisting of a series of woven curved lines in a geometric pattern on a card that requires a unique combination of codes for printing, Microtext printing which involves printing microscopic text on the card that can only be read with a microscope and using techniques like making deliberate design mistakes in the card to be fog someone trying to forge the card. RFID tags can also be integrated into the smart cards if required in order to enable remote access of particular locations to the staff.

  • Places

    Smart cards can be used by a broad range of companies and organisations including government organizations, educational institutions and private businesses to ensure the safety of their members, staff, data and assets.

  • Need

    Businesses and organizations are frequently targeted by intruders that seek to gain access to the facilities in order to steal products, equipment, data, and money. Usually the id cards issued by these organizations are plain white photo ID cards with a few lines of text which can be easily forged leading to security breaches. Hence, smart cards are essential in securing a company or organization from the ground up.

  • Impact

    Multiple security layers in a smart card makes it impossible to forge and hence, prevents organizations from facing monetary losses from theft , unauthorized exposures of sensitive information and ensures personal safety of members of the organization.