Smart Security

Smart security solutions are IP (digital) surveillance solutions that provide security professionals with a great range of capabilities. IP cameras can generate digitised video data streams that can be transmitted over wired or wireless networks. These solutions perform real-time event detection and post-event analysis by harnessing AI. Smart security solutions have had a significant impact on the transformation of video surveillance and CCTV from reactive to proactive real-time tools.
  • Solution

    The working of Smart security solutions involves crunching the visual data streamed from network cameras and utilising fixed algorithm analytics, Artificial Intelligence learning algorithms and Facial Recognition algorithms to process digital video signals and perform security-related functions such as behavioural detection(loitering, shoplifting,, violence, etc.), object tracking, facial recognition based authentication and blacklist matching, and a host of other features allowing operators to track suspects and discern patterns amid the noise without constant monitoring by a human.

  • Places

    These solutions can benefit numerous diverse settings involving security concerns such as retail stores, public institutions, warehouses, education and hospitality institutions, public transport services and smart cities.

  • Need

    Staffing levels can be managed using automated systems. If breaches to perimeter fences, for example, are detected automatically, fewer personnel are required. Similarly, these solutions will reduce the likelihood of risk to employees and customers. These systems can be linked to other systems, such as lighting controls or access management, and only activated when necessary. One of the primary advantages of implementing such solutions is that video can be used to prove deniability or liability. The use of video analytics to find key incidents as evidence eliminates the need to manually sift through video. This directly affects legal, litigation, and insurance costs, as well as saving time and money by eliminating the need to manually watch video.

  • Impact

    By potentially preventing incidents Smart Security Solutions save on costs related to damage to property and assets, theft and disruption to general business continuity.