Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to the use of social media and social networks to market a company’s products and services. Social media marketing provides companies with a way to engage with existing customers and reach new ones while allowing them to promote their desired culture, mission, or tone. Social media marketing also utilizes purpose-built data analytics tools that allow marketers to track the success of their efforts.
  • Solution

    Various social media marketing tools and strategies are implemented based on the target audience of a business or organization. These tools & strategies include proper handle set-up and management of social media websites like Instagram & Twitter, creative and interactive content creation, peak hour content delivery & SEO to boost visibility, and lead generation strategies such as launching referral campaigns and lead magnet offers, Sequential retargeting ad setup, etc.. Social Media Analytics like website inbound & internal traffic analysis , and target audience sentiment & behaviour analysis can also be implemented to track the success of previous and running marketing campaigns, and understand consumer behaviour better.

  • Places

    Social Media Marketing can be used by not only businesses in order to capture the attention of a larger audience, increase website traffic, generate more leads and ultimately drive more sales, but also by government organizations, non-profit organisations and any institution which is trying to capture a wider audience to spread awareness regarding public welfare, their mission, moto, etc.

  • Need

    Traditional marketing tactics are usually more static with a broader reach of audience .Due to its Interactive nature Social media marketing allows for more fluid and personalized messaging and hence contributes towards better audience engagement, and provides insights which help in understanding the target audience better. This helps marketers to build in successful marketing campaigns in future.

  • Impact

    SMM can increase brand awareness and also increase brand loyalty while providing insights on customer behaviour which leads to continuous improvement in the performance of various marketing initiatives taken by a business or organization.