Video Analytics

Since their invention, computers have always efficiently replaced manual labour. Although they can be programmed to do an endless task over and over their lack of human senses restricts their usability. If, perhaps, computers were given the ability to see like humans, they could do more than just see. Computers can be customized to process what they see based on the commands given to them. They can process, analyse and recover desired data from the video input in a short time, which is otherwise tiring for a human. This concept is called video analytics.

We offer various services through video analytics in various sectors based on our clients’ needs. Our service currently include

  • Antisleep Alarm system

    It is an intelligent solution to avoid accidents due to fatigued driving. Long haul drivers get tired after long hours of driving and continue to be behind the wheel, which can lead to accidents. This is a cause of 40% of road accidents in India. This intelligent system prevents these types of accidents by analyzing the driver’s behaviour through a camera fixed on the vehicle's dashboard. When the driver is sleepy behind the wheel, the AI system sets an alarm to alert the driver. It can also bring the vehicle to a stop safely, if the driver doesn’t respond to the warning.

  • Automatic checkout system

    Shopping is fun until you start waiting in those long queues at the checkout counters. Our service provides an intelligent solution to this problem by eliminating the need to stand in the queue allowing automatic checkouts. With the help of computer vision technology and machine learning our system recognizes the products picked by the customers and updates them in a virtual cart. Once the customer finishes shopping, the products are billed automatically as they walk out of the store.

  • Number plate Detection

    This service is a highly accurate system, capable of reading number plates of vehicles on the road with the help of high speed image capturing cameras. This technology can be used to identify and penalise traffic violations, locate missing vehicles, and locate vehicles in large parking facilities.