Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management system (WMS) is an automation software that streamlines everyday operations in the warehouse. This technology offers visibility into a businesses entire inventory and manages supply chain fulfillment operations from the distribution centre to the store shelf.
  • Solution

    WMS sorts and assigns goods by tagging them with a QR code or a RFID. The code can be scanned either manually through a mobile app or it can be automated through computer vision, and sort the supplies as it passes through the production line. For a faster integration, and added convenience the process is managed through a cloud based platform.

  • Places

    WMS can be deployed in small storehouses to bigger warehouses, where managing inventory is challenging using the traditional methods. Since cloud based technology brings a load of benefits, such as increased security, less IT maintenance and lower cost, this technology would be an ideal investment for warehousing and logistics companies.

  • Need

    Every business, regardless of size, needs to manage their distribution channel. Doing this process manually is exhausting and inefficient. WMS provides a software solution to this problem by automating the process. This in turn increases labour productivity, efficient warehouse space utilization and improves inventory visibility and accuracy.

  • Impact

    Real time access to inventory data provides increased visibility throughout supply chain management. WMS reduces labour cost through efficient labour allocation and streamlines warehouse processes by optimizing warehouse layout. WMS also provides accurate demand forecasts thereby improving supplier relationships and increasing customer service levels. Deploying WMS in businesses can lead to a savings of 10% -45% of total utilization and improves process performance by 69%.