Workforce App

City corporations do their best to keep their cities clean and meet the needs of their citizens. Yet, the overwhelming amount of complaints makes it difficult to process manually. This leads to delays and overall poor citizen experience. The Workforce app allows easy management of complaints and enables fast response and closure.
  • Solution

    The workforce app is connected to a control centre. The control centre mediates communication between citizens and the departments. Department staff incharge of the issue can communicate the status to the control room through the same app.

  • Places

    This app is an ideal solution in city corporation offices that receives a large volume of complaints on a daily.

  • Need

    The Workforce app eases the process of assigning tasks to the concerned departments at the city corporation level. It allows fast response to the complaints and makes the lives of citizens less stressful.

  • Impact

    Quick rectification of citizen complaints improves the quality of life and raises the happiness index in the city.