Grievance Management App

The Customer
The Tamil Nadu Police Department has been successfully tackling various challenges of Internal Security and Law & Order situations arising from time to time. With a vision to value all members in the force, represent member’s interests and concerns and promote their general welfare and contentment , The Tamil Nadu Police Department was looking for a tool which can help them provide welfare and support for police members enabling them to deliver efficient and effective service to the public.
The Problem
Usually Individual request raised by police officials using traditional methods get delayed in-terms of response and action time, also raising requests using traditional methods involves a lot of paperwork and human intervention which is a time consuming and lengthy process.
The Solutions
With the focus to enhance the lives of police officers a ‘Police Welfare App’ is developed where the officers can raise Official requests including Increments, Re-promotions, Medical Allowance, Pay Arrears, Promotions etc., Individual Requests such as Health Insurance, Kit request, Transfer Request, Foreign passport Request etc., Individual Benefits like Loans and Advance Requests and Leave Requests Multiple workflows are preloaded in the application depending on the type of request. All the requests raised are automatically forwarded to concerned authorities as soon as the request is raised. This allows concerned authorities to take prompt action against the request raised by the officers.

All the requests raised via the application are automatically forwarded to concerned authorities ; this allows for better manpower utilisation in the police department and the concerned authorities can take action against the request raised by the officers without extensive paperwork using the welfare application. The application also helps in bridging the communication gap among officials of the police department.