Inventory Management

The Customer
The Metropolitan Transport Corporation, sometimes known as the MTC or PTC, is the agency that operates the public bus service in Chennai, India. As of May 2017, the MTC had a scheduled fleet of 3688 buses and total fleet strength of 3968 buses, on a daily basis carries 6.0 million passengers to and from, which is half the population of Chennai.
The Problem
MTC currently follows a conventional Purchase and Stores process where predominantly manual paper based work is done for tracking inventories available at a particular location. One of the major challenges faced by the organisation in terms of inventory management is lack of clarity over inventory at different locations, and what is allocated to which department. This leads to ineffective supply chain management and delay in projects.
The Solutions
A State-of-the art inventory management solution is being developed for the MTC. Various participants are involved in MTC projects including the Central Stores, Individual Depots and even the end buses. The tool built runs based on barcodes, with every product tagged and accounted for during the entry into the central stores, as well as every outbound entry to the field through various depots the system also automatically generate gate passes on top of a standardized format layer.

Dashboard to easily keep track of which Items are allocated allocated to which departments (items for work, items for installation etc.) in real-time.

Accurate and organised data related to inventory items like invoice number, supplier details, item number etc. is stored in a centralized database.

Demand forecasts for different items based on usage using AI and ML dashboards.

Low -stock alerts are generated along with automatic reordering functionality integrated with existing procurement management system.