Tirunelveli Museum

  • The customer

    Tirunelveli, also known as Nellai and historically as Tinnevelly, is a major city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Established in 1992, Government Archaeological Museum at Tirunelveli has an interesting collection of archaeological, historical, zoological, botanical samples and artefacts found in the surrounding regions.

  • The Problem

    Museums by nature are interdisciplinary, but the intangible cultural heritage is not often brought to light and Visitors more often do not feel connected to what they physically see in the museum. Digital transformation solutions can complement, enhance, or augment the museum experience through personalization, interactivity and richness of content.


The Solution

We developed various digital transformation solutions for the Tirunelveli Museum to attract visitors, enrich their experience and spread knowledge of our intangible cultural heritage, these solutions include:
Multi Touch Table
A four user rugged touch kiosk which enables visitors to access information regarding various museum artifacts and other elements.in an interesting and engaging way which enhances the overall experience of visitors.
Immersive Room
An Immersive room designed as a prison extension with a large scale display was build which showcases the prison escape story of Oomaithurai in form of an animated short film.

Provides information access to the public in an interesting and engaging way which enhances the overall experience of visitors.

Enhances visitor experience and increases footfalls by providing interactivity and rich content.

Eliminates the need for manned information desks